Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash

lazy drops of rain slide down the window

a sigh of relief drifts from my breath and settles,

comfortably, around me

outside my window jasmine vines dance erratically under

the onslaught of heavy, languid drops;


this is no whisper of delicate rain

but a torrential respite of long-awaited showers

voluptuous, gray-hued clouds ease themselves onto the shore,

making landfall as they leave their ocean voyage behind

they roll stoically towards the mountains,

releasing their renewing nectar onto the

desperately dry land below

plants quiver in the promise of these falling drops,

leaves reach out longingly to gather each tiny blessing,

roots swell with anticipation in the slowly-drenching soil

and I melt, thankfully, into the promise of renewal

author, poet, storyteller, podcaster, mother, wife, traveler, questioner

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