Three Months Sober

Life without auto-pilot.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

The Highs

I’ll be honest, I don’t seem to have quite the highs that I did with alcohol.

The Lows

But I also don’t have the lows.

My “Brand” of Alcoholism

Three months ago, I would not have said I was an alcoholic, just a thirsty drinker. I would joke that my “brand” of alcoholism was not drinking too often (I could easily say no if I wanted to) but that once started, I was all in. This past New Year’s Eve, I poured champagne and whiskey into my mouth at the same time. There is, unfortunately, a picture of this.

My Lessons, so far

What I have realized after three months of sobriety is that drinking alcohol was like setting the auto-pilot.

The Alternative

I have taken to jogging most days, chasing the high that comes from exercising endorphins. I am more conscious of my hours of sleep and go to bed early enough to rise with the sun for a private morning of coffee and writing. When my girls wake, I am ready to greet them with a smile and the attention they deserve.

author, poet, storyteller, podcaster, mother, wife, traveler, questioner

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